mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

Star Wars ™ TwistHeads

Hi's been so long since I posted but i can finally show you some new videos!!! :)

In the past months i worked as lead artist for an interesting project : Star Wars TwistHead.
It's an augmented reality videogame for Kinder Ferrero Deutschland where you can choose between 10 different characters from the "Star Wars" saga and fight against your friend!

In this video you can view some animations i have done for this project...

....and at this link you will find a detailed explanation of the project :

For this project i made the 3d Models (based on the Kinder Surprise), Textures, Rigging, Animation and VFX with particular.
The other assets and programming have been made by my colleagues at Forge Reply
(Game Designer/Developer : Jacopo Dagnino, Game Designer : Marco Mortillaro).

May the force be with you! :)

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