giovedì 9 maggio 2013

Inferno - puzzle game

Hi everybody!
I'm happy to show you some screenshots from the Brand new game by Forge!

"Inferno" is the puzzle game where you can atone your sins through a hellish cube.
Players can draw the redemption path of their sins on the cube and maybe avoid eternal damnation..

The game is for the upcoming release of Dan Brown's next book, Inferno...
is available for iOS and Android (Google Play)....and it's free! :)

(only for the italian market)


Here some screenshots : 

Team Member : me (3d Artist and supervisor), Umberto Mognetti (UI artist), Marco Mortillaro (game designer), Jacopo Dagnino (game designer/developer), Fabio Di Giorgi (game developer), Davide Pensato (audio director).

Thanks to all!

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