domenica 13 maggio 2012

3D World V3

Finally i'm ready to share with you my recent works...

some months ago i decided to learn by myself the whole workflow for a mechanical character...for the first project the goal was not create a great and amazing character but working on a simple model to learn any step of the character creation.

i started with a simple model without any draws or concepts, modeling and UV map in Maya, hand painted textures in 3Dcoat and Photoshop (only diffuse) and back to maya for Rigging, weight map and animations...
it's a looong process for one person, especially if is the first time! :)

Here my first 3d animation....i prepared :

- standard idle
- "alert" idle
- transition between the two idle
- aim and shoot
- run cycle

First Animation Test - Playblast from Andrea Priore on Vimeo.

....i need more practice to controll the curves in the graph editor!! :)
have you some suggestions? 

thank so much!

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  1. Amazing work! Would love to talk more, email me