mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012

Nickelodeon Gamecity

Hi, these are some images from Nickelodeon "GameCity", a web game where you can create and custumize your superhero and your personale vehicle and challenge your friends!

The game was developed by some months ago...

I worked for vehicles and animations...i had to create and draw a loooooot of pieces for giving possibilities to player to create an unique vehicle, different from all the others.
You can choose beetween 440 different pieces, each with 7 colors and 3 power levels...drawn one by one by hand :)

All the superheroes were drawn by Andrea Cammarata, a very talented artist...go to visit his blog! :)

The following video explains how the game works and is a collection of some drawings and animations that i made for this game...hope you like it!!!


2 commenti:

  1. complimenti Piddu, ci deve essere dietro un lavoro enorme!!! Eppoi...quanti colori: ho apprezzato tantissimo. Sei proprio bravo, complimenti

    1. Grazie a te che mi hai anche aggiunto ai contatti da seguire! :) ho dato un'occhiata veloce al tuo blog ma non sono ancora riuscito a leggere niente...sono molto molto curioso! :) Nei prossimi giorni me lo leggo tutto!!!!